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12V Alternator: How much is a 12V Alternator kit for my outboard?

What does it do?
The 12V charging system allows the user to charge a 12V battery. With this option installed, the outboard engine will send charging current to the battery when the outboard engine is running. The output is variable based on engine RPM.

Who needs this option?
Anyone who has a 12V battery in their boat (for lighting or other accessories) and would like an alternative or supplemental charging method.

NOTE: The 12V Alternator/Charging System is an option only and is NOT required to operate the outboard.  This feature can be added to manual start models from 4hp - 20hp. On 8hp - 20hp electric start models, this feature is standard equipment and no additional purchase is necessary. This feature is also standard on 6hp 25" Sail Pro models.

How much is a 12V Alternator/Charging kit for my outboard?
We offer genuine Mercury 12V alternator charging systems that include a rectifier which provide your outboard with the ability to charge a 12V battery should you have the need or desire to do so.

MANUAL START MODEL OUTBOARDS Optional 12V Charging System Cost:
4, 5, 6hp* = $229.99 w/Free Shipping
8, 9.8hp = $229.99 w/Free Shipping
15, 20hp = $189.99 w/Free Shipping

For manual start models, the add-on 12V charging system requires installation (electric start models include the system pre-installed from the factory). We recommend professional installation as in most cases the flywheel must be removed to install the charging coils. If you could not or did not wish to complete the installation yourself, any marine tech should be able to complete this service for 1 hour of labor. We also offer installation of the system for an additional charge of $59.99.

Electric start model engines automatically come standard with the 12V charging system pre-installed from the factory. No assembly is required. You simply connect the 8.2 ft positive/negative electric start battery leads (provided) to your battery.

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